We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Vibration & Noise Control Pty.Ltd.

 It is our Policy to provide prompt, feasible and documented recommendations, as well as cost effective products.

 Our Company is providing vibration, shock and noise control solutions. Our products are used in a variety of industries from medical equipment and computers to off-highway vehicles and heavy machinery.

 Our services include:

 ·       Engineering consultation – over the phone or at your customers’ plant.       By using state of the art engineering software, we can advise our customers’ engineers, during the design stage, of the best way to reduce vibration and noise in their products.

 ·       Prototyping capability  –  if one of our wide range of standard products does not meet your needs, our principals’ engineers can design a customized solution for your customers and deliver prototypes for testing within a time frame that meets their requirements.

 ·       JIT and Ship-to-Stock  - Many of our customers take advantage of our JIT capability, which is applicable as soon as we can identify the required parts and quantities. The shipments can bypass incoming QC and go right to their line because our suppliers have done all the inspection for you. They practice Statistical Process Control (SPC) and are certified to ISO-9000, -9001, -9002, -9003 as well as to MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-810/D. Our reputation for quality products is outstanding.

 We represent : Fibet S.p.A.-Italy, Karman Rubber Co.-USA, California Dynamics -USA, Mid-Atlantic Rubber-USA, Farrat Isolevel Ltd.-UK, Martin srl- Italy,  Tech Products Corporation-USA, Vibrostop- Italy, BRD-Noise &Vibration Control Inc.- USA and many more.

 We have the capability of identifying almost any vibration isolator on the market and replace it with an identical or similar product from our vast range of products.

 Amongst our most reputable customers, we can mention Cummins South Pacific Pty. Ltd. , Thales Australia, Tenix Defense Systems Pty.Ltd. and Consolidated Bearing Company (CBC) as our largest distributor.

 We are confident you will find Vibration and Noise Control Pty.Ltd. to be a quality competitive supplier.